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Product List ¢x postRIP V60 ¢x postRIP V50 ¢x product Strategy

postRIP¡V prepress workflow imposition, proofing, CIP3, imaging to CTF/CTP; integrating Navigator RIP, FirstProof, econoINK, digital proofing with Job ticket manager (LogCenter and Workplace) that makes prepress workflow digital a reality.

Newstrack- CTP production solution for newspaper, integrating production scheme database, automatic page-pairing facility, progress monitor, and imaging server to CTP, that streamlines the newspaper CTP production.

InkZone ¡V Third party solution, direct control CIP3/4 to various press console. Third party means same or better feature with better price performance.

MaxPro- Wonderful trapping/step & repeat tool for packaging and labels prepress jobs. Easy to do trapping on more than one adjacent objects, sharp object, vignette area or even transparent area.

InkSaver- Environmental and cost deduction tool by replacing CMY ink by single K ink. For big volume printing job, like newspaper InkSaver will create a dramatic cost down.

postRIP is a workflow solution that have imposition, proofing, CIP3, imaging to CTF/CTP as well as archive based on 1-bit TIFF images. It is so-called ¡§digital film¡¨.

postRIP full version-

postrip.i32 ¡V a plugin to create preview image from the ripped hi-res.

Imposition client- an imposition application to layout all kind of signatures and provide the necessary marks and indication for platemaking, press and post-press requirements

ImageHarbor- an imaging server that can combine the hi-res pages into the signature for a film or plate, according to the layout information made by Imposition Client.
It outputs film/plate with existing Harlequin software plugin and interface card.


New features of postRIP V60

Template V6.0 :

postRIP V6.0 provides the improvement of more powerful and easy-to-use features to meet the variety and diversity of the prepress needs.


PPF can be used for those printing presses with PPD adaptor, and the ¡§CIP3 on paper¡¨ can be used for the majority printing press installed without PPF adaptors.

a stand alone software that can import 1-bit TIFF, and converts it to PPF file or print the ink-key data (CIP3 on paper) from any Windows printer.


TIFFharbor is the same binary program as ImageHarbor , but it was limited to output to proofing device or software.


TIFF-in Server is designed to adapted to any RIP which support 1-bit TIFF output. It convert 1-bit TIFF files into a preview images, so that Imposition client can use the preview for imposition.


Newstrack integrates postRIP features and Newstrack database, page-pairing automation and Progress Monitor to build up a automatic page pairing newspaper production system.


Newtrack Server/Client- the database system to define the page-pairing arrangement and daily production schedule, the page-pairing mechanism to process the actual plate layout creation according to the database, and process the queue of the ImageHarbor plate output in load balance schema & same job by same platesetter control.

Progress Monitor (pgM)- a monitor to the real time status of all the processed in CTP production. pgM supports PLY previewing tool for page-paired signature and the control buttons for dispatching the PLY to ImageHarbor for CTP plate or CTF film output.

PDF Monitor (PDFm)- ¡§optional¡¨, if the workflow was designed to transmit PDF file from remote editorial department to printing department, PDFm is useful monitor to examine and examine the PDF pages before rip it.

Imposition Client- can be used to design the plate layout, in database can be used to define all time schedule and the page pair of each plates. Newstrack Server polls and creates the plate layout information (PLY) file according to the database.

ImageHarbor- controls the CTP and output plates with the intelligent features of load balance, same page same imager, bottling, double burn¡K.all the necessary for newspaper production.


A network manager special designed for prepress workflow. No matter any network connection (leased line or ADSL) can be used to configure a workflow between various remote sites.

Use TCP/IP protocol to transfer files as if save the file into a local folder. So that the network become transparent. More than this, all the image files received from remote site can be configured to be previewed and preflight.