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The newly established newspaper printing factory for Province Punjab of Dainik Bhashar Group India had started his printing production 2006/10/7, after 106 days preparation of building construction, Orient printing press installation, in-house and VPN networking with connection with its 478 office country wide, as well as CTP production system of Dainippon Screen N2000 CTP and BrainNewˇ¦s Newstrack V3.0 workflow.
The inauguration was successful for 12 editions of Dainik Bhaskar (Daily Bhaskar) newspaper was printed and delivered punctually, including 400 more plates and 150,000 circulations to provide the service for the cities of Amritsar and Jalandhar near the boarder between India and Pakistan
Newstrack V3.0 includes Newstrack Server to manage the database of newspaper production schedule and the run time page-pairing, Newstrack Client to define the production schedule and priority, and a Progress Monitor with visual user interface to monitor the real time status of each plate and pages.

The plate-making became foolproof, because in a prepress department, you can see Screen N2000 CTP output with the speed 82-85 seconds per plate, and only 2 operators collect the plates and send the plate to press department whenever the sets of plates were output.

2006/9/27 news
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