Brainnew in the past and the future develop

BrainNew is a marketing company of printing technology, we market prepress workflow, CIP3/4 tools to help the printers in Asia market to benefit from the digitalization of CTP implementation. We provide postRIP 1-bit TIFF based and PDFi (based on PDF) product to streamline the prepress workflow. Besides CTP digitalizing the prepress, we provide InkZone products to connect the prepress directly to press console of most brands.

BrainNew was established on 1996. Since then, the company has won her reputation by having created the post-RIP innovation and developed a powerful workflow solution ¡VpostRIP series products. postRIP ? soon had won 75% market share in Taiwan market since 1998. now became the market leader in China and India and Korea.

BrainNew ?is a small software firm, without a brilliant point of view of the trend of prepress industry, BrainNew can not survive in the competitive industry. BrainNew lived by only one series of product line ¡V 1-bit TIFF based solution to streamline the prepress workflow. I thought, you must be interesting in what is the philosophy in behind.

BrainNew¡¦s philosophy:

Think of those big players, Agfa for example, they hired many high-paid software engineers in an extraordinary comfortable laboratory. Their goal must be great, such as a system serves many Agfa imagers as well as many output operators. Can you image a system like this designed for such a big configuration is also good for those service bureaus with only 1 or 2 imagers? If you estimate the percentage of small prepress department with less than 3 imagers, it must be more than 80% or more worldwide, you will not be surprised.

BrainNew¡¦s goal is to serve those prepress departments, help them enter the digital workflow. And the digital workflow in our dictionary is ¡§Imposition and proofing with computer¡¨, today. Maybe tomorrow, it will be different when JDF was intervened.?

Yes, we all agree that a big printer equipped a workflow solution connect the printing processes to their ERP is beautiful and efficient. Like a JDF workflow starting from e-ordering, job ticket created by the time a customer placed an order, and all the processes will be report to the database. The manager can monitor all the progress status, and even the ERP may make a plan for all the resource like when to place an order for next stock of ink or paper. But of the 80% we mentioned above, their need only a streamlined workflow.

What is the streamlined workflow?

1. the productivity can be improved.

2. the last minute change is efficient

3. the fidelity guarantee of proof and print result.

4. low cost for expansion ¡V when the migration from CTF to CTP.

5. the schedule of delivery of prepress can be scheduled smoothly.

postRIP solution was designed to meet these goals.

1. productivity:
offload the imaging job for the RIP, so that the imager can go on producing 24 hour a day.
Usually RIP controls the imager directly. Every operator knew the imagesetter stops when RIP is busy on previewing. And the preview of the ripped image is a necessary process, because the film/plate is the major cost of the business.
Many customers paid big money to purchase a fast imager, and found it rests when the RIP is busy.
postRIP improved the productivity at least 20-40%, immediately when RIP was offloaded.

2. last minute change:
our users do the imposition just before output, any single page can be swapped at the last minute. In PDF/EPS imposition solution, the last operation of any change is to output a completed PDF file for an imposed signature. That makes last minute change harder.

3. Fidelity guarantee:
the imposed signature is 1-bit TIFF file, it can be proven by ScreenProof, StarProof¡K liked CMS, it can be output to film/plate-setter directly, same image can be used to create PPF for ink-key.
more than that 1-bit TIFF signature can be archive for subsequent use.
we took 1-bit TIFF file as a ¡§digital film¡¨, all the output was came from ¡§digital film¡¨. Users used film for decades, digital film is as secure as conventional film.
As you knew, solution like Apogee, Prinergy¡K they works on the normalized PDF, but they still support 1-bit TIFF proof and archiving, too.

4. expansible and extensible:
the strong point of
postRIP is the adaptability to all existing running imagesetters. All the imagesetter can be driven by Harlequin RIP, can be used by our workflow.
So the users can smooth his workflow before he invest any new CTF/CTP, the risk of a workflow is much lower comparing to a new machine, but all the risk is based on a suitable workflow. Users can test run the new workflow on his existing configuration, then decide to invest new device.
on the other hand, the users pay no extra migration cost to invest his new output device.

According to the market strategy, we don¡¦t want defeat Agfa, Creo¡K those big players. BrainNew have to find the customers that the big players can not reach,
such as

1. the customer with few CTF/CTP imagers, they can not afford to pay 50-80 thousand dollars software charge to smooth their workflow.

2. ) The printing company without any prepress department.
(refer to How to sell CTP correctly)

3. The company invest a new CTP system and try to keep the old device as a backup. And it is required to adopt their exiting devices to the new system.

Because postRIP is a cross-imager workflow, it connects to almost all the existing imager devices in the market. So we built up the customer base with a easy to use workflow and leverage the 1-bit TIFF proofing CMS partner like StarProof, ScrenProof or BlackMagic. We approach the same target customer and won the market share from the big players.

It is impossible for those workflow providers, they followed the Adobe ¡§Extreme¡¨ white paper, and try to follow the big player¡¦s product line idea. On the contrary, they to beat the big players with the big player¡¦s strong point. There is no innovation inside, 80 workflow software providers on the DRUPA 2004, only few of them will survive until next DRUPA.?

BrainNew targeted the market which the big player did not think of. So that BrainNew is the leading workflow supplier in China and India, today.
There were 210 BrainNew¡¦s postRIP installations in China since January 2002 and 100 postRIP installations in India Since 2003.

postRIP is the workflow solution of imposition, proof, archive and imaging to CTF/CTP and CIP3 on paper and PPF based on 1-bit TIFF (digital film).